Measuring your progress

How to track your progress?

There are many ways to monitor your results. To get the most accurate overview is through a combination of several progress grading methods. The easiest and most popular methods are girth measurements, weight scales, and photographs. However, it depends on Your preferences, and You don't need to use all the means to track your progress. If you want to exclude any listed method, we would recommend the measuring. That is probably the most inaccurate one, especially for women around “that time” of the month, and the result can be misleading. Most of You are participating in the 12-week fitness challenge to change the look of your body. Therefore the best way to see changes is to look at your body in photos, photographed at regular intervals. 

Progress photos

The scale number can sometimes be a bit misrepresented (especially for women). Consistently taken photos will give you a better overview and can give you lots of motivation to continue with the challenge. Progress photos are an excellent way for both self-motivation and keeping track of actual progress. 

As said, some changes may not be visible on the scales but can be VERY visible in the mirror, especially for those of you that have a moderate or light starting weight. Without visible progress, it is easy to lose motivation, but we are all here to stay, aren't we?!

Key points for taking progress photos:

  • Take your 'before' photos before starting the 12-week fitness challenge
  • Take new pictures every four weeks. Set a reminder in your phone/calendar
  • DO NOT delete any of the photos you take
  • Make sure you always take the photo in the same circumstances (e.g., your bedroom, wardrobe mirror, at 7 AM on Monday)
  • Full body length shot
  • Feet together (touching)
  • Hands slightly away from the body
  • DO NOT pose - natural, relaxed stance
  • Camera away from the face
  • Wear crop top or bra & underwear or shorts
  • Two compulsory photos: 1 front view + 1 side view (you can take pictures more if you like)
  • Take the picture on the same angle (vertical and horizontal position)

How to weight Yourself?

When weighing in, it is crucial to measure yourself under the same situation each time.

Some tips to get comparable results:

  • Weigh on the same day (e.g., every Monday morning)
  • each week
  • Weigh at the same time
  • Wear the same clothes (e.g., in underwear)
  • Weigh on the same scale

We recommend to weigh only once a week, not every day. That will give You a better overview of your progress, helps to avoid fluctuation in results and therefore disappointment with too small change.

The 12-week fitness challenge is a big deal and needs a great effort from all the participants, but results can be very positive and worthy. Through your transformation, please feel free to upload and tag us in any photos on Facebook or Instagram so we could also view your progress and enjoy your achievements.

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