What awaits you?

Structure of the challenge

As the name says, the 12-week fitness challenge is structured so that you have enough time to get significant results and also make exercising as your habit. You will do short training sessions in 6 days a week.

In 12 weeks, your training load slightly increases, and as you are getting stronger week by week, we have added a bit harder exercises to push you further. Only 16 minutes of training in a session, and you will see the results. The key is consistency!

The challenge includes 18 different workouts. Each workout is 16 minutes long. Each session consists of 7 exercises introduced in a 7-second tutorial, and you get a short 30-second break after each exercise. Session has two sets: between sets, you can swap the body side in exercises where needed. All workouts are designed to use only your own body weight. No extra equipment needed.

Also, we encourage you to think about proper resting and stretching. When exercising at such intensity and regularly, it is vital to give your muscles time to relax, recover, and adapt. This is how your body can transform and shows you the best result. If you feel you have the energy and want to be more active, then we recommend a brisk 30-minute walk, preferably outside.


A very effective way to get continuous progress from your workouts is to use a technique called progressive overload. In a nutshell, this is continuously changing or increasing your training load (frequency or resistance). This way, your body won't get used to the routine, and you push yourself to better results. However, like anything, the increase in exercise does have a limit. Because of individuality and different lifestyles, we cannot give you a specific limit as it is very variable. Our workouts have composed by professional trainers, taking into account (women's) general physical fitness and great experience in this field.

Week by week, you should be able to see regular results, and your capacity should increase.